Polymeric Matting Agents 

unique properties to the top coat

Decosphaera® and Adimatt

Decosphaera<sup>®</sup> and Adimatt

Through an original process Lamberti produces highlly effective polymeric matting agents.
These particular  polyurethanes are “full spherical shape polymers” able to create unique properties to the top coat. This is why they are used  as high performance matting agents and touch modifiers.

These products enable the formulation of silica-free matt top coat products with outstanding chemical and physical properties.

More details about our Polymeric Matting Agents can be found out in the Products section 

Main features of Adimatt and Decosphaera

Polyether based solvent free polyurethane

Water based dispersion of polyurethane microbeads

Zero VOC

To satisfy the most demanding markets

PSD (µm): 5 - 8

Homogeneous Particle size Distributions for outstanding performances

Pleasant feel (Silky touch)

Not only a matting agent but also a "touch modifier"

Anti Squeak effect

Effect of ordered spherical size

Outstanding Black Jetness

Thanks to the transparency of the microspheres

Wear and Scratch resistance

Why we synthesize "full" microspheres

Anti-repolishing effect

Long lasting matting effect