Sustainable & Circular Policy 

We design a new alliance between environment and human behavior,
nourishing respectful science and good chemistry.

Lamberti's commitment to future generations

The concept of sustainability can be expressed in all the activities of the life of a company: technologies, products, energy, human resources, economy, environment. The Lamberti group has just  published the  Sustainability Report 2020 as evidence of the desire to make a formal commitment to this issue, also and not only, with respect to future generations.

The ethical and responsibility principles, which have always characterized the Lamberti group, involve the development activities of the Lamberti group towards technologies and products consistent with this commitment.

For this reason, new BIO-based products have been developed, and others are being developed.

Within our product range  you can find a series of designed BIO-based products having different Bio-Based Carbon Content. Such products are made of raw materials from vegetal origin, obtained from plant-derived substances that, at the best of our knowledge, do not to interfere with food production.