Polyurethane dispersions 

Waterborne Polymers


Our waterborne polyurethane dispersions portfolio offer outstanding performance, innovative solutions and a reduced environmental impact both in the production process and in the final application.

The wide range of polyurethanes are obtained by the principal state of the art technologies: acetone, pre-polymer mixing, fusion and urethane acrylic processes.
Thanks to their commitment to excellence and continuous investments in innovation and sustainable industrial technology, new Lamberti waterborne polymers have been introduced into the market with an enhanced green profile having reduced or eliminated many volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as solvents, amine and formaldehyde. 

The Lamberti polyurethane dispersions (PUD) product range offers complete solutions for customers, including film formers, binders, thickening and matting agents and cross-linkers.

The product range includes anionic, cationic and non-ionic dispersions, where the main components to produce polyurethanes can be classified into two large families, Polyols and Polyisocyanates. 
In the category of Polyols Lamberti generally chooses Polyethers, Polyesters and Polycarbonates, whilst the Polyisocyanates category uses both aromatic and aliphatic monomers.

Combining a careful choice of components with advanced industrial processes, Lamberti is able to generate polymers with a diverse range of properties.

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